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  • If this is my first wig what do you recommend?
    We highly recommend a closure wig if you are a beginner. Frontal wigs or fulll lace wigs can a lot of maintenance if you are not familiar with them. With a closure wig you can just put on and go with minimal effort to make sure that your unit is secured.
  • Why do you need my head measurements?
    We only need measurements for a CUSTOM WIG unit. We will need all the right measurements to ensure the perfect fit.
  • How do i get my head measurements?
    In order to obtain your head measurements you will need measuring tape. You will only need to measure the circumfrence, front to nape and ear to ear over the head. Please refer to the head measurements chart provided below.
  • Do i have to use lace glue to keep my wig down?
    If you choose the option of getting a lace closure wig, you will not need adhesive. If you are purchasing a frontal wig you will need glue or adhesive to keep the wig down. All units come with elastic bands for extra security.
  • How should i care for my bundles or wig?
    Place bundles or wig in warm water , gently hand wash with good quality shampoo & conditioner. Then proceed to deep condition, Lastly, air dry. Do not roughly comb through bundles or wig while wet.
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